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Water Crisis Caused by Chemical Contamination

Clean water issues just won’t go away. Last week a chemical leak in the Elk River of West Virginia left hundreds of thousands of people without water for days.

Check out this article from The Christian Science Monitor for more about this water emergency: http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/USA-Update/2014/0113/West-Virginia-chemical-spill-end-of-water-ban-in-sight-but-questions-linger-video

And it doesn’t end there – the contaminated water continued to move through the Ohio River and caused problems in Cincinnati where they closed the water intake valves to avoid the chemical contamination. Schools, businesses and even the legislature shut down during this event. Just today they opened the water valves again.  http://nky.cincinnati.com/article/AB/20140116/NEWS01/301160065/Spill-has-moved-river-intake-valves-open

The only “cleanup” that appears to have been available is time and dilution as it travels through the nation’s river system.