Summit Meeting in Decatur to Support Aquifer Protection Efforts

State and local officials joined the Macon County Mahomet Aquifer Summit meeting today at Richland Community College to share their efforts to protect the aquifer from potential contamination. State Senators Mike Frerichs and Chapin Rose spoke to the group about their commitment to ongoing efforts to ensure this valuable water source is protected for future generations. Decatur mayor Mike McElroy and Champaign mayor Don Gerard also participated in the summit. Rep. Sue Scherer spoke on the work she, Rose and Frerichs have collaborated on in the legislative area and the opposition from lobbyists to any move to legislate protective measures for the aquifer. Also included in the event were scientific and legal updates about the current application with the USEPA to make the Mahomet Aquifer a Sole Source Aquifer. Thanks to everyone who participated in the event today!

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