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posts concerning the application for Sole Source Aquifer designation with US EPA

World Water Day

3/22/14 is World Water Day. How secure is your water? We need to protect and preserve our valuable sources of clean water, and create a sustainability plan to ensure it for our children’s children. When we look at the scarcity of water worldwide it makes our Mahomet Aquifer just that much more precious. This resource deserves every layer of protection we can devise. Conserve and protect this amazing, irreplaceable water source!

See how World Water Day 2014 is being recognized across the globe and explore the water-food-energy connection. 

You can support the US EPA Sole Source Aquifer designation with your comments now and attend public hearings May 13 and 14. See the US EPA information on their website at

Support Sole Source EPA Petition

The US EPA has opened the public comment period for the Sole Source Aquifer petition. See our Support EPA Sole Source Approval page for details on the public hearings and how to submit your comment. Please support this important step to protect the Mahomet Aquifer! It really is our sole source of water in Central Illinois.

Check out this video!

It’s only  a minute long, but check out this exceptional YouTube video from  some of the many community leaders that care deeply about the future of the Mahomet Aquifer. We must have a far-reaching plan to preserve this valuable Central Illinois resource.

Mahomet Aquifer Summit

Meeting to discuss potential risks to the Mahomet Aquifer at a summit meeting in Normal, Il, on 2/22/14: The town of Normal and city of Bloomington are hosting a summit to address the latest issues concerning the placement of a toxic PCB waste dump site over the Mahomet Aquifer in Central Illinois. The Area Disposal landfill near Clinton continues to seek a special US EPA permit to accept the higher concentrations of PCB’s in their municipal solid waste landfill. The meeting will also update the status of the Sole Source Aquifer Designation application. Registration begins at 9 a.m. at the Uptown Station in Normal. In addition to engineering and legal discussions,  citizen advocates and elected officials will also participate in the summit. See you there!