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Friend of the Mahomet Aquifer

State Legislature Acts to Protect Aquifer

Last Thursday (April 16, 2015) the Illinois House voted 104-10 to pass HB 1326, protecting the Mahomet Aquifer from possible contamination from toxic waste. This bill prohibits Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) waste and Polychlorinated Biphenal (PCB) waste above certain levels from being dumped where it could contaminate the aquifer. The house bill, introduced by Rep. Carol Ammons, was then forwarded to the Illinois Senate with sponsor Sen. Scott M. Bennett, who introduced a similar bill there in February. (SB 1698) The House bill is scheduled to be read in the Senate April 21. Thanks to all of our Springfield representatives and senators who have supported the efforts to protect our Sole Source Aquifer.

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Join us at the Expo!

Clean, available water is a vital part of sustainable living. Visit our booth at the Illinois Sustainable Living and Wellness Expo at Illinois Wesleyan University’s Shirk Center in Bloomington this Saturday for the latest information on efforts to protect and preserve the Mahomet Aquifer. Celebrate the successes of the year and see what you can do to continue to protect this valuable resource for Central Illinois. The ISLWE will be open Saturday, April 11, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission and parking are free for the event. It’s all about Creating Healthy Communities, with exhibitions, live music, and workshops with ideas for greener, healthier living.

For more information on the event, visit the ISLWE website.

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VICTORY! Sole Source Aquifer Designation for Mahomet Aquifer

The US EPA today announced they have granted Sole Source Aquifer designation to the Mahomet Aquifer in Central Illinois! Thanks to everyone who called, wrote, emailed and attended public hearings on this issue. This is a significant step in the long road to protecting and preserving this vital source of water. What better way to spotlight National Groundwater Awareness Week than with this major step to protect our groundwater. Celebrate today with a glass of clear, sweet Mahomet Aquifer water!

See the US EPA announcement here.

For more information on the Sole Source designation see the US EPA website here.



2014 Banner Year for Aquifer Support

2014 was an extraordinary year for aquifer protection efforts! Thanks to the municipalities, counties and groups that worked so hard to protect the Mahomet Aquifer, our sole  source of water for 750,000 + people in Central Illinois. Keep up your amazing work! Families, farms and commerce depend on this valuable resource. Support your community leaders who continue to make this a top priority in 2015. cleanwater4midIL

Friend of the Mahomet Aquifer

Piatt County Mahomet Aquifer Summit in Monticello

A Mahomet Aquifer Summit meeting will be held in Monticello Saturday, Oct. 18, from 9 a.m. until noon at the Allerton Public Library. Topics will include the upcoming referendum concerning chemical waste in the Clinton Landfill, Sole Source Designation status update, other legal challenges to protect the aquifer and citizen action opportunities. In addition, area public officials will share comments on protecting this valuable source of clean water for Central Illinois.

The library is located at 201 N. State St., Monticello, across from the Post Office. Join other concerned citizens as we work together to protect our only source of clean water.

Friend of the Mahomet Aquifer

Clinton Aquifer Meeting Saturday

A community meeting focused on ways to protect the Mahomet Aquifer is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 11. The meeting will take place at the Vespasian Warner Library from 10 a.m. until noon. The meeting will include discussions on current legal procedures, an advisory referendum that will be on the Nov. 4 ballot and opportunities to take action locally and regionally. If you use the Mahomet Aquifer or care about protecting this valuable water resource then this is your community meeting!

Friend of the Mahomet Aquifer

Great Support at Festival

What a great weekend at the Clinton Apple & Pork Festival! We talked to hundreds of people concerned about protecting the Mahomet Aquifer, and gathered hundreds of signatures on petitions asking Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and the USEPA to take action to protect our sole source of water for over 750,000 people in Central Illinois. A huge thanks to Champaign County Healthcare Consumers, Sierra Club, and WATCH for their help creating a successful event.

Mahomet Aquifer Protection Alliance

MAPA at Clinton Apple & Pork Festival

Visit our booth at the Clinton Apple & Pork Festival Sept. 27-28. Find us on the square all day Saturday and Sunday, and get the latest information about what’s happening around the Mahomet Aquifer. We’ll have information on meetings, recent events, petitions, yard signs, bumper stickers and more under our tent. See you there!

Chemical Waste Landfill Referendum in DeWitt Co.

The DeWitt County Board placed the following referendum on the November ballot by unanimous vote:
“Are you in favor of the permitting of a Chemical Waste Landfill located in DeWitt County over the Mahomet Aquifer?”

If you live in DeWitt County, IL make sure you are registered to vote in the November election and let your voice be heard!

We do not need a chemical waste landfill in Central Illinois or anywhere else. There are technologies available to dispose of these poisonous wastes permanently instead of simply dumping them in a hole in the ground, potentially threatening a valuable water source. Say NO to old, environmentally unsustainable solutions like landfills and let your representatives know you support solutions that leave a healthier environment for our children and our children’s children.