Monthly Archives: November 2013

“Mahomet Aquifer Matters” day in Clinton

Wow, what a great day! We heard from mayors, state senators, a hydrologist and many others about the importance of the aquifer to our entire region. It’s not just drinking water, it’s our entire economy. (Something like 95% of our water comes from the aquifer!) We have to work to keep it protected from all threats of contamination for today but also for our children’s children. So thanks to Senators Frerichs and Rose for taking a stand, and to the mayors of Bloomington, Normal, Urbana and Champaign for showing us you are making this a priority in your communities. Keep up the good work!

We heard about the Sole Source Aquifer application – what that is and where it currently stands with the US EPA. Be ready for a public comment hearing in the near future. We’ll need every voice to be heard! We also learned more about the ┬ácomplaint before the Illinois Pollution Control Board concerning the chemical waste landfill in DeWitt County.

One more thing: it’s important for EVERYONE to get involved and stand up for our water! How can you help? There is a place for every skill and every willing hand or voice to be used. Contact us to keep informed about the latest efforts and what you can do.